We undertake all deck/engine repairs i.e. pipelines, plate renewals, winch repairs, Engine repairs, pumps, valves, turbo chargers, coolers, condensers etc.

Plate Renewals @ Rs: 110/- per kg 2062 normal grade (At Stream will be 30% Extra)

" " @ Rs: 125/- per kg Certified grade (At Stream will be 30% Extra)

Pipelines repairs/renewal rates as per the markets fluctuating rates.

Valves : Sea water, Intermediate, Deck water/Fire line Rs: 400/- per inch

Our rates for Chipping/Painting works at dry docks :

1) Copper Slag blasting SA 2.5 ----------- Rs: 370/- per Sq. Mtr.
2) High Pressure Jet washing ------------ Rs: 60/- per Sq. Mtr.
3) Low Pressure Fresh water Jet Washing ------------- Rs: 40/- per Sq. Mtr.
4) Airless Spray Painting ------------- Rs: 35/- per Sq. Mtr.
5) Dry Dock cleaning charges ------LUMPSUM------------------------ Rs: 35,000/-
6) Removing barnicles by MB PT Labour ------------- Rs: 50/- per Sq. Mtr.

Terms & Conditions
Paint. thinner. diesel for our equipment to be arranged by the Client or Vessel.